SUT531 - Platform Sūtra (3 Units)
Prerequisites: None 
Textbook: The Platform Sutra of Huineng by Mong Mou-Lam 
9 week course 

Textbook: The Diamond Sutra and the Sutra of Hui-Neng by A. F. Price, Wong Mou-lam, W. Y. Evans-Wentz and Christmas Humphreys
9 week course beginning the week of

The Sutra of Hui-neng, also known as the Platform Sutra, contains the autobiography of a pivotal figure in Zen history and some of the most profound passages of Zen literature. Hui-neng (638–713) was the sixth patriarch of Zen in China, but is often regarded as the true father of the Zen tradition. He was a poor, illiterate woodcutter who is said to have attained enlightenment upon hearing a recitation of the Diamond Sutra. Together, these two scriptures present the central teaching of the Zen Buddhist tradition and are essential reading for all students of Buddhism.