The Sangha was originally established by Gautama Buddha in the fifth century BCE in order to provide a means for those who wish to practice full-time in a direct and highly disciplined way, free from the restrictions and responsibilities of the household life. (Source)  Today, the word Sangha has evolved to include any group of people who practice the teachings of The Buddha.  The Sangha is one of The Three Refuges--The Buddha, The Dharma, & The Sangha.  Or, the historical teacher, Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha), the teachings of The Buddha, and the community of people practicing together.  

This nine week course involves visiting by Zoom various different Sanghas.  (A Sangha may or may not be associated with a physical temple.)  We will then explore our reaction to each of those temple's traditions, as they will all be different, and they all will have the same heart--the alleviation of suffering, or dissatisfactoriness.