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LIT507 - Buddhist Precepts (3 Units) 
Prerequisites: None
9 week course 
In this 21st Century Quantum Physical World why observe Buddhist Precepts? Taking refuge in the 3 Jewels is the initial step in becoming a Buddhist and following the precepts forms the foundation of the path. Buddhists practitioners observe various levels of precepts, depending upon each individual’s level of commitment to the path. The initial refuge in the 3 Jewels signifies the starting point on the path of the eradication of suffering and the awakening of not just one’s self but all sentient beings. Taking precepts can be compared to military personnel adhering to the rules of military law or citizens of a particular country abiding by the common law of their society. The difference between the first two approaches and the Buddhist approach is that the military rules or the common laws are external restrictions whereas the Buddhist precepts spring forth from a practice of self–discipline which eventually can become self regulated.
Skill Level: Beginner