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LIT502 - Chanting Practicum Two (3 Units)

Professor: Ven. Do'an Prajna
Prequisites: LIT501
Textbook: None
Course Length: 9 weeks

This is a second level practicum in which chants from the Korean and Vietnamese lineages common to special occasions and ceremonies. Most of the chants covered in this course are chanted in foreign languages, primarily Sino-Korea, but also Vietnamese, Pali and Sanskrit. At most temples and practice centers ceremonies will be performed in the traditional style, so it is important to become familiar with them. As an American or Western Buddhist tradition comes into its own, these ceremonial and special occasion chants will likely be chanted in English. But until that day, much of our chanting will likely move back and forth between English and foreign languages.  A practicum implies "practice", which means that this course is a hands-on and participatory. The student is required to actively engage with the chants in order to benefit from this course. As the student practices the chants in this course, a personal style of chanting is encouraged. Students will be given license to express themselves more freely during their daily liturgy practice.

Skill Level: Beginner