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BST518 - Compass of Zen (3 Units)
No Prerequisites
TextbookThe Compass of Zen Teaching by Zen Master Seung Sahn
9 week course 

This Course Contains original Video of the last time Zen Master Seung Sahn taught the Compass to the public in 2004. There are 9 plus hours of video lectures delivered by the Great Master himself. This course begins examinations of the specific style of Ancestral Zen promulgated within the Five Mountain Zen Order. Through the words of Zen Master Seung Sahn (78th Ancestor of the FMZO lineage) as presented in his seminal text "The Compass of Zen", this course further expands upon the material presented in BPH 101, 102, and 103.
The Compass of Zen is a simple, exhaustive—and often hilarious—presentation of the essence of Zen by a modern Zen Master of considerable renown. In his many years of teaching throughout the world, the Korean-born Zen Master Seung Sahn has become known for his ability to cut to the heart of Buddhist teaching in a way that is strikingly clear, yet free of esoteric and academic language. In this book, based largely on his talks, he presents the basic teachings of Buddhism and Zen in a way that is wonderfully accessible for beginners—yet so rich with stories, insights, and personal experiences that long-time meditation students will also find it a source of inspiration and a resource for study.
Skill Level: Beginner